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If you’re looking for a timber floor, but your budget won’t stretch for it, consider a laminate floor with a timber look. Classically produced laminate flooring is made up of three layers: Melamine resin overlay + decor layer, core layer and backing layer.

The decorative paper is what gives the laminate flooring its individual appearance. There is a wide range of highly authentic wood reproductions, but the infinite variety of interesting tile designs and creative décors should not be forgotten either. The wear layer is provided by the melamine resin, a highly wear resistant material that makes laminate flooring so hard wearing.

The core of the laminate floor is provided by the core layer. As its name suggests, this supports the decorative paper and the overlay, and of course the people who later walk on the floor.

The core layer is made of compressed wood fibres, which is differentiated by HDF (High Density Fibreboard) or MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) depending upon its density degrees.

Laminate flooring is produced in board form. The production process involves the individual layers in the laminate floor being pressed together under high pressure and at high temperature.

  • Wide range of colours
  • 8mm, 9mm and 12mm thickness
  • Technically mature
  • Quality assurance
  • Authentic designs
  • Long lifetime
  • Value for money
  • Installation – Floating
  • Prices range from $50 – $100
         fully installed

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