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Solid/Raw Timber

Solid Timber (most durable long term)

The first option we are going to mention is to use solid timber which usually consist of random lengths of solid wood connected by interlocking tongues and grooves. You have many choices of different species of wood, as well as different finishes and of course thicknesses. Nearly all new Australian flooring timber is hardwood as it better withstands Australia’s tough conditions. Solid timber must be glued directly to the subfloor. There is no underlay with this installation method so we need to apply a moisture barrier prior to the date of installation which helps to adhere the timber to the concrete and also acts as a damp proof membrane (DPM). This is a raw product which needs to be “sanded back an polished” which increases the time needed for turn around and hand over. This method is defiantly worth the wait if you have time up your sleeve.

Timber brings a unique look like no other hard flooring product as it is a natural material grown from mother earth up. Each timber plank has its own individual pattern that is formed by the natural knots and grains, creating a masterpiece when planks are joined in a larger space.

  • Large range of species
  • board thickness 10mm, 12mm and 14mm
  • Installation: Direct stick, drilled and nailed to concrete or plank on ply
  • Prices are dependent on what type of timber is chosen along with coating prices contact us today for a free quote!

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